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Conversion problems? Check out these tips!

Top Conversion Tips (for Sales Pages) – 3 min read

Sales pages are the final step between you and a conversion, and it’s also the last thing that people will see before buying your products. In order to effectively sell stuff online, you’re going to need a sales page that is optimized to succeed. This article is going to look at 5 different conversion tips, all of which could help out immensely with the amount of money you’re making online.

Appeal to Their Interests – If a person is looking to buy a basketball-related product off of you, throw some professional player images onto your sales page. Use shoes, or anything else that could relate itself to the sport – this applies to pretty much everything. If you’re trying to sell pantyhose to women, just show luxurious and beautifully scandalous ladies on your sales page; give them a taste of what could “possibly be”.

Think of the Font – If you use the wrong type of font, people are going to take notice. Comic Sans MS is pretty much untouched these days, because it’s ugly and known to sport a lot of problems – that’s why so many people find that picking the proper font is toughest. You can pretty much pick whatever font-type you’d like, as long as you feel like it’s going to effectively convert. Ugly fonts are going to lead towards ugly conversion rates, and that’s just a fact.

Purchase Buttons – Without any purchase buttons in place, the odds of you making a sale are almost slim to none. People want to purchase something that is not only easy to attain, but even easier to checkout with. They don’t want lengthy checkout processes, so make sure you’ve got a purchase button set in place. Purchase buttons get the money into your pockets easier, and isn’t that the entire point of a sales page? I would recommend either some paypal check out button. And don’t forget to make the purchase button stand out from the rest of the sales page! You don’t want people ‘searching’ for the purchase button

Remain Focused – Don’t stray all over the place with your ideas, or color scheme (or anything on your sales page, for that matter). When you’ve got a specific type of sales page that you’re trying to go for, you need to remain incredibly focused. Don’t sneak a hockey puck onto the sales page of a basketball product – it’s about the little things, most of the time!

Include Testimonials! – On your sales page, there should always be some sort of testimonial being displayed. It should talk about how effective your product happens to be, as well as how durable and affordable it is as well. Without testimonies and such, people won’t think your product is as legitimate as you’d like.

Remain Affordable – If you’re asking for too much money in regards to your product or service, people aren’t going to buy it. If you tell me that you want $2,000 for your “secret and effective SEO services”, I’m going to tell you to go and get your head checked out.

These are 6 different tips that should help you improve upon the conversion rate in regards to your salads pages. You can apply these tips to any sales page you’d like!

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