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How to avoid the ‘Almighty’ Facebook Banhammer

Running CPA on Facebook? Expect to get banned… ALOT!

This is something that a lot of people have trouble with, as CPA can be the main source of income for a lot of people around the globe. CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing is one of the most efficient ways to get a return on your investment, but how do you avoid getting banned on Facebook? When you get banned, it’s almost like everything you’ve been working so hard for is just thrown out of the window.

Avoid facebook bans with cpa

Facebook advertisements are the key reason as to why so many people find success in the CPA industry. They find the right niche and the right products, and they do what needs to be done. There are a lot of different variables and traits that are needed in order to get into CPA advertising – dedication being one of them. If you get banned once and just completely ignore the fact that you can start over, you probably shouldn’t be getting into this industry.

Dealing with the Inevitable

Getting banned is pretty much a commodity these days – people are used to it, and it isn’t for no reason. Facebook seems to ban a lot of people who take part in CPA, mainly because there are a lot of “blackhat” practices to be looking at. These are practices that would be considered unethical by common standards, but they do help CPA marketers make a lot of money. Sometimes you’ll even get banned on a legitimate account, just because Facebook suspects something fishy. Getting banned is almost like a badge of honor for some people, and that’s why a cloaker is necessary.

Cloakers will help you get through the CPA advertising process without getting banned too quickly, although they won’t exactly guarantee your survival. It’s always a good idea to try and work with multiple accounts, as well as multiple ad campaigns.

Optimization for the Nation!

You have to optimize your landing pages and advertisements, or else people may think that your stuff looks like spam. Low-quality advertisements are always going to perform poorly, and may even send some negative reinforcements your way. People are always trying to keep the CPA industry clean, but they ban a lot of innocent accounts in the process (well, I won’t say a lot, but it does happen every now and then).

Optimize your ads and follow your CPA company’s rules, and you should be completely fine. Optimization gets forgotten about in most cases, so it’s nice to remind others of it. Don’t let the lack of optimization bring your CPA campaign down, build yourself up for success. I always tell people that preparation is key, regardless of what you’re getting into – this just solidifies that statement! I’ve been within the CPA industry for a long time, and working with Facebook is one of my favorite things to do. Have I been banned before? Yes, and I’m going to be banned again at some point (probably). I wish it weren’t that way, but that’s just how things work.


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