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A dutch student and online marketing specialist. Always looking for new opportunities and new trends. Loves to discuss about any subject you can think of. Started to share his view on the Internet Marketing world. Always open to answer any question you might have!

Conversion problems? Check out these tips!

Top Conversion Tips (for Sales Pages) – 3 min read Sales pages are the final step between you and a conversion, and it’s also the last thing that people will see before buying your products. In order to effectively sell stuff online, you’re going to need a sales page that …

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5 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips you do not want to miss

5 Facebook Targeting Tips you cannot afford to miss. – 3 min read Targeting specific things for your Facebook ads is a must, especially if you want them to convert reasonably well. In the end, Facebook advertisements can make up a decent portion of your online promotion presence – that’s …

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The Power of Facebook: How ‘Dangerous’ Can It Get?

The Power of Facebook: How ‘Dangerous’ Can It Get? Facebook is one of those social media platforms that seems to just grow larger and larger, and none of use really know when it’s going to stop. Sure, people are looking towards alternatives like Twitter and even Instagram these days; but …

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E-Books: Can I Really Earn Money with Them?

E-Books: Can I Really Earn Money with Them? E-Books are one of the most common ways to go about earning through CPA offers on the internet, and that’s why so many marketers lean towards trying to produce one of their own. In the end, E-Books can be hard to work …

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Understanding CPA: What is it all about

Understanding CPA: What is it all About? CPA (Cost Per Action) advertisement has become increasingly popular due to modern technology advancements, and that means a lot of things has changed when it comes to the marketing industry. These days, digital is always the way to go – that’s why CPA …

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